Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Served Up to Burn Up: Quick Darts From Oh No

The other day, while I was hovering through our favorite state of mind called the "zone", my mood craved a musical enhancement to further elevate the realm I was lounging on. To my utter surprise, and oh so conveniently placed, was the 2004 debut banger from Stones Throw Records big dog Oh No, "Disrupt". Now, since his original release this west coast producer/emcee has emerged as a true boss hog sampler, (no shit he's Madlib's younger brother), and proven beyond an inkling of a doubt he should be fingertips away for any vinyl monger, especially when referring to his latest efforts.

So as a sick lil snippet of dope from the Pens that Pimp, here's some Oh No junts for the moment:

Oh No's Classic Banger: "Move" feat J-Dilla and J-Rocc

Oh No: "Cosmos" off the pure potent record "Dr. No's Oxperiment"
Cosmos - Oh No

Yo Los hit em with the Ox Broil, serve it up!

Oh No: "Ox Broil"
Ox Broil - Oh No
Nuff Said

Posted By Los Diablo for Pimpin' Pens