Tuesday, May 6, 2008

8Ball & E.D.I. Feat. MJG - Puttin In Work
Ballin' on you Ho's!

Spage Age May is in full swing, all you lame, 4-corner flaugers* can get the fuck from round this page! With the new album dropping on 404 music group "This Might Be the Day" MJG is back bucking out the gate to bring back the Pimp Tight MJ of old. With the whole BadBoy thing far behind him now the Rapper/Producer has recently been featured on mostly a variety of underground projects, returning to his roots and more hardcore, Memphis Gangster style like: "Whats your favorite color" with Da Volunteers and "Aight Nah" feat. Mac E from the Montana Trax album.

One of the most influential and flavorful emcees out of the Memphis Scene - MJG has been gutter from the jump with "Comin' Out Hard" and it's MJG’s second solo album since his 1999 solo debut, No More Glory. The Memphis movement stands strong in the Orange Mound Demigod, real fans rejoice in the return of a rapper whose struggled and hustled through the game, always remaining true to his Pimp Tight roots of the M-Town. Stay tuned for more from the mighty MJG!


Young Buck ft 8ball MJG & Bun B - Say it to my face

And of course we had to hit you with....
Eightball & MJG - Pimp in my own rhyme

*Flaugin and Flaugers - Blatantly faking or perpetrating to the maximum.

Posted By Rico "Don't Make Me Pull Ya Ho Card!" for Pimpin' Pens

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