Saturday, May 17, 2008

Monsterdon Vandals: The Graffiti Exchange

Who said paint peddlers couldn't be civil? From the radical depths of urbania's rotten core, some of graffs elite have come together under a collective project to further spread the art of concrete manipulation through an exchange worthy of the utmost aerosol fame. Basically, 12 infamous extraordinaire graff hustlers started an exchange back in 2005 whereby they split into 6 pairs of dynamic filth faders and swapped styles and concepts to forever burn dusty walls and trains across the US and Europe.

Renown heavy hitters such as Rime, Revok, Sever, Bates, Search, and Yes 2, just to name a few, flipped magnificent fills and nasty colors to pioneer even more versatility within the world of burners. Give your pupils a teaser and visit the following site:
Peep This Shit For More!

Massive Large Ups to My Man Deems for the Info

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