Thursday, May 22, 2008


What you know about that Corey Miller, and Chad Butler pulling kickdoes. You could say that these two were the last of the Mohican's. Now all we got in the game are a bunch of mark ass bustas, if I do say so myself. I felt the late great Pimp C talk to me through the grave last night and he said: "Enzo, post that Pimp C dedication song by C-Murder."
Who am I not to comply with such a simple request? I got a little No-Limit fever just now and I had to get some shit out my system and on to the Pimpin Pens media canvas. Just a few darts that I've been meaning to throw your way.

This was just a stream of consciousness post, another assorted array of bumpin junts, with a twist of No Limit funk. I got some more No Limit infused medleys on the way. Stay tuned for Mr. Serve On, Fiend, Mystikal, Tru, Silk the SHocker, Youngbleed, Steady Mobbin, Mac, and mo.
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After Pac, I loved NO LIMIT soliders, it was a movement my favorites are: C-Murder, Silk, Master P, Kane and Abel, Momma Mia, Mystical, Majic, Fein

That music was classic (period) not sure you will see anything else like these guys, it was crazy they way P was pushing out so many cds and they were GOOd