Thursday, May 8, 2008

CEO Spotlight: Reginald Simmons aka Reggie "Streetwise"

Pimpin' Pens proudly presents a brand new segment to the slue of certified trillness we serve up daily - The CEO Spotlight. Reginald Simmons aka Reggie "Streetwise" is a major figure in the game right now. This certified Boss Hogg is an Author, Director, Producer,and Inventor with deep rooted ties to some of the biggest names and urban icons in the game. With his uncanny ability to capture footage like no other filmmaker, provide exclusive, raw video content, produce special events and majestically maintain the balance between successful Business Man, Entrepreneur and Street Wise Socialite.

Reggie began working on his first DVD project back in 2003 with a local Bay Area production company owned by "The Pharoa". After beginning the project and seeing the huge support he'd received from top names in the Bay , the visionary promptly decided to take advantage of this newly conquered media by rapidly creating and developing these innovative, Street Wise concepts. A long time friend and urban legend Charles "C-Note" Robinson teamed up with Simmons and established the now infamous

All Game Entertainment's success is the ability "To take cameras where no other cameras can go..."! With C-Notes entertainment experience and Reginald's creative ability they are able to produce material that others can't, mainly, because people in the urban world know the duo and trust them to bring quality,raw and uncut material to the forefront of the mainstream.

Reggie "Streetwise" Simmons:

The Art of Game (writer, producer)
The Masters Players Balls series (creator, producer and director)
Thong Boxing (creator, producer and director)
Will the real pimps and ho's please stand up (associate producer)
American Prostitute (creator, writer, producer and director)
HOE HUDDLE (producer, director)
BRS: Boogaloo, Robot and Struttin' (producer)

"HOW TO FOR SQUARES" book series (creator, author and producer)
Judicial Cross (author)

Streetwise Alert (creator) Streetwise IQ TEST (creator)

Pimpin' Pens is honored to be affiliated with the All Game Entertainment and StreetWise I.T. Team. Stay tuned as we bring you all-new, harder material like the Masters Players Ball 2 dropping next month, Thong Boxing, American Prostitute, epic interviews to get the name out and turn the game out!

To wrap things up, in true trill pimp fashion we lace the post with Space-age pimp tunes to add that extra dimension of realism that separates us from the lame and mundane.


Curtis Mayfield - "Little Child"

What you know about that there? - I know you feel me Jones.

Posted by Rico "Yo Gotta Be Down Ho!" for Pimpin' Pens


bodacious said...

reg, this your boy Bodacious and I need a line on Ishmeal. either his e-mail address or a phone # because he needs to finish my book cover design and his # is no longer working. My phone is tempararly off for afew days, but you can tex message me the info and I'll still get it on my phone, or leave it on my yahoo page. at: Get back at cha boy ASAP one luv Dre

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