Monday, November 26, 2007

Lord Infamous Breaks His Silence!
Pimpin' Pens Exclusive Interview

You've be waiting for it, searching far and wide and now it's finally here, the new interview with Lord Infamous! It took a while but persistance pays off as you'll see in the interview. Pimpin' Pens got a rare, first hand look into the dark mind of the Scarecrow himself. We picked his brains in the one on one, now feast from the fruits of our labor!

(Pimpin Pens): First and foremost, what’s good Infamous? How is life at Black Rain Ent?
(Lord Infamous): Black Rain is my new label and we gonna do it big baby.
(PP): What other artists besides you and II Tone are slated to come out on Black Rain in the future?
(LI): We got Mac Montese, Big Stang, Santerria, and other artists in the works.
(PP): What were your musical influences growing up and still to this day?
(LI): Prince, all the old hip-hop artists like Eric B and Rakim, L.L., Black Sabbath, the list goes on.
(PP): I read somewhere that your favorite author is horror novelist Stephen King. Do you think that is where a lot of the inspiration for your demonic mystical type lyrics originates from?
(LI): Most definitley. I would read his novels to put myself in the darkest state possible to write a sixteen.
(PP): I see on the new album you got guest appearances from T-Rock, and Skinny Pimp. How did those collabos come about, and was it a little awkward considering the animosity from before?
(LI): Well Skinny unfortunatley isn't on the album, but we are working on some future projects. T-rock is one of the most talented M.C's around, so we set aside differences to make money together.
(PP): I see you are on the new Prophet Posse album, I take it you and Nicky Scarfo are on speaking terms now. How did it feel to reunite with the Prophet Posse clique?
(LI): It was good to do some work with Nick and his camp, I'm basically ready to do work and anybody who is down with trying to get it like Black Rain. And as long as we share the same goal we can work together whoever it is.
(PP) Describe to me what it was like in the early 90’s when you and Three Six Mafia were on the come up?
(LI): Naturally it was like watching your child grow into becoming an adult right in front of your eyes. You feed it and do what it takes to give it the proper path to succeeding. Wacthing every album we drop place on the charts was a feeling like none other, and making our mark was no longer a dream. It was a reality in the works.
(PP) Why did it take so long for a Lord Infamous solo to come out?(LI): I had to have some time to come down and air out,(so to speak). This is a very important project for me due to the time period of my departure and finding the right formula in order to release this medicine we have been makin'.
(PP) You have been a very elusive character, which I think adds to your mystique. Is this a calculated move on your part, or do you just not dig the spotlight?
(LI): I can do without the spolight. I just wanna do my music, please my fans, and gain some new ones.
(PP) The entertainment industry strikes me as a very fake place, full of posers and ducks. Do you have any first-hand accounts of such fakenes?
(LI): Yes the industry is a very cold place and everything you see on tv is just that T.V. You have to know who you are and not let anyone tell you who you are.
(PP) What is your current relationship with the original Triplesix clique, Paul, Juicy, Boo, Koopsta, and Crunchy? Can we expect any future Tear Da Club Up Thugs albums?
(LI): As of right I'm concentrating on Black Rain, but who knows what the future holds.
(PP) One of my favorite collabos you guys did was “Just Another Crazy Click” with Insane Clown Posse off the When The Smoke Clears album. Do you guys still keep in touch?
(LI): I hadn't talked to them in a minute but I do hope all is still well. Shout out to ICP.
(PP) What other artists out there would you like to collaborate with?
(LI): I wanna do a song with anybody who wants to collab with me. Music has a very broad horizon and there's always something or someone new who breaks the mold.
(PP) It’s been a thorough pleasure sitting down and chopping it up with you Infamous. Any last thoughts or shout outs?
(LI): Big shout to all my fans and family for supporting me. All my real friends. R.I.P. to grandmother Helna Bogard.

Interview done by Enzow AKA TripleSixNinja for Pimpin' Pens

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