Sunday, November 25, 2007

BEAT KINGS: The History Of Hip Hop
The Review

This slept on, must-peep, underground hit "Beat Kings" explores the History of Hip-Hop through the evolution and untamed genius that is the foundation of the Art, we're talking of course of the Producers.

The 66 minute documentary spotlights the DJ's, the original beat makers sampling,sequencing,scratching,mixing,constructing amalgamated rhythms with methods as diverse and complex as the music. Hip-Hop is a living organism, a harmonic entity orchestrated by the Architects of Audio, the Producers. Beats can dictate your mood, tempo, emotion and spark thought invoking and interacting with the listener. So often these aspects are overlooked that it's tragic. A good beat can make a track and at the same time make an artist shine, rarely the other way around. The film covers three decades of great creators in the game like Marley Marl, DJ Premier, Pete Rock, The Rza, Price Paul as well as some of your more contemporary Producers like Alchemist, Just Blaze, Kanye West,Salaam Remi, Rocwilder and more.

These contemporary Producers all were influenced by the pioneers and the movie does a great job of covering the different influences and techniques that molded todays wide-bodied sound.We've got genres and themes to some of the music that didn't exist before. You've got The South with it's own up-tempo Crunk, Buck anthems, The West is known for the laid back joints, people in Texas like it Screwed up and Chopped and the East has been known for the more grittier sample heavy production and classic b-boy roots. If you're a true fan of the beats behind the music, the science of beat-making,turntablism, and crate-diggin' then this DVD is for you. Highlights include "The equipment: Tools of the trade" section were they go over the various machines and technology associated with different producers and their sound, "The Influences" section and "The Advice. chapter is another gem as well." Overall as previously stated the DVD is tight, essential for anybody like me trying to fine tune their production craft as well as fans of the music and the true essence of Hip-Hop. Bonus Scenes include outtakes,deleted scenes and the NY Beat Battle where amateur producers go head to head with their beats like emcees do with rhymes. Go Out and buy it today!

Created, Written and Produced by: Aari Jubran
Directed by: Ray Stewart NTZ

Running Time: 66 Minutes
Interviews and Score: Mathematics

Review done by Rico for Pimpin' Pens

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