Wednesday, October 24, 2007

YoungBleed: Once Upon A Time In Amedica

YoungBleed the veteran emcee hailing from Baton Rouge, La comes correct on his 4Th solo offering, "Made in Amedica." The nasal voiced poet laureate of the south first got his start as a soldier signed to Master P's legendary record label No Limit. In 1998 he dropped "My Balls and My Word" which is highly regarded by southern rap historians as a certified classic. For his second solo effort "My Own," Bleed showed the world he could hold court dolo without the No Limit backing. On this junt Bleed seems to be as lyrically on point as always, spitting insightful street tales with his trademark style that neither glorifies nor vilifies the dope game. The only thing lacking in this newest edition to Bleed's repertoire is maybe some more sharp production. He needs to return to the essence which was so poignantly displayed on tracks like The Day They Made Me Boss from "My Balls and My Word." To me that was the epitome of hardbody gangsta shit. Bleed also suffers from too many feature spots from emcees that detract the track rather than lace it properly. In summation the new junt from Youngbleed is still worth copping on the strength of Bleed's rhyming prowess alone. Features on this album include Rich Boy, David Banner, Trae, Eightball, and more.

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Anonymous said...

Youngbleed Corleone is da mane! Baton Rouge Boss playa!