Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mr. Sche Interview - (part 3 of 3)
The Missing Link!

Here it is.....the final episode in the monumental interview with Mr. Sche...


Need to catch up? Peep Part 1 of The Exclusive Pimpin' Pens Interview with the Boss Playa Mr. Sche!

[PP] Here in Miami we got a ton of strip clubs, you know...the shake junts, which
ones do you frequent, or would recommend for when we come out there or anyone else stopping through Memphis?

[MS]Right now, The Flamingo, and then let me see....Damn, they closing so many down ...Yeah there's still the one on Third, they closed down Ebony Lakes, they closed down Pure Passions because like I said the hoes was selling so much pussy in there the Feds came in mane and shut that shit down! You got these lil' Titty Bars still up man shit,... But shit... y'all come up to the M and well go to my spot , I'll get some bitches and we'll have a Strip Club up in there. you know what I'm sayin? {laughs}
[PP] Yeahhhhhh, {laughs}
[MS]Yeah It'll be a REAL Strip Club up in there and in the Studio It's going down! But as far as that... man, there's still one up on Third you know what I'm saying and thats the Flamingo .. So that's bout the only one, they closing, they shutting down most all of em' because right now Crime is at a plus here.

[PP] When can we expect that new album "Undaground Forever" to drop?
[MS] Man, they was wanting me to get it out by December, you know, on Koch you can pretty much like drop wit the majors but it wasn't done. I wanted to add a little more gumbo to it cuz it's a real deep, dark album I took it back to those ol'..mane....shallows you know what Im sayin? Yeah, I took it back to the 94 days with this one. I'm actually shooting a video for Undaground Forever and it's gonna be real nice, it's real dark it's gonna make you think. I got some writers and some editors and shit putting it all together and we're actually working on 2 videos so maybe by January. The Album is done, right now I'm just mixing and mastering and all that. When you go back and listen to it you find yourself saying "Damn, maybe I should have said it like this, or like that" so sometimes I might find myself maybe doing a whole verse over. So what I'll probably drop this year is something we've be holding on to is that "Showdown Reloaded" I'll probably go ahead and drop that in December, I gotta get in something actually in about a week or I won't get paid from em' this year so yeah in about a week I'll give them something to get em' off my back.

[PP]Yeah, I feel you... get that money. I was wondering, where did you get the inspiration to do the SupaStar album?
[MS] Man, shit off top, The Mack,Super Fly, Dolemite, man... I could go on and on...I'm a Blaxploitation, Junkie! You know.. I love all dem 70s movies man and when I was doing the album I wanted to redo the Super Fly Cover. I kinda mimicked that a little bit and tried to give the album a theme of the 70s, you know what I'm sayin? I just always loved anything from back there so I just took the themes from the 70s movies and tried to put in on wax. I just gave it my own perspective and modern day feeling. and shit...thats just how it came out.
[PP] Hell Yeah, well we're definitely feeling that, we're going to put that up on the page with some links and tell them to go and get that until the new album drops.

[PP] Well let me see, that pretty much wraps up the questions for you Sche, you have any final thoughts or shout-outs?
Basically man shit, just keep it REAL. A lot of new cats get in the game man and there's a lot of cats that's out here releasing the wrong messages to ya. By all mean if you can do anything yourself do it yourself and don't depend on nobody to do it for ya. You know, be patient for one... this shit takes a lot of longevity, you got cats that been in it for years.... 10, 15 years and are just now making it. So you can't expect to get in it now and be a star tomorrow, I mean you can but you might not be here after tomorrow so you gotta have some more wits about what you're doing, gotta have some more game plans. And another thing...Never have too much pride on what you're doing because I'll still get out here and shovel some shit if I have to to eat another day. But then you might see me on stage rockin' a show in front of 1000 people in the crowd so you cant never have too much pride in this game and you gotta do what you have to, to survive. Keep God First Man, God first...

[PP] Yeah God First...Well again, we definitely appreciate you taking the time to do this for us, be easy, keep making that hard ass music and we'll be in touch and definitely holla at you when we touch down in the M-Town. One.

**Interview conducted by Rico of The Pimpin' Pens Team via Telephone Conference Call. The Interview was transcribed from audio of the classic 35 min. chat with the big homie. Audio and Video clips coming soon.

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