Friday, November 16, 2007

Pimpin' Spotlight: Pimpin' Snooky

It's hard to believe that after the couple months we've been posting here at Pimpin' Pens, we have yet to showcase one of the coldest cats in the Pimp game. When I say Pimp game I mean the original Pimp game of breaking heffas and slanging cat on the track and all that. Not this mis-pimping that has been going around as of late that my main man Mr. Sche has alluded to us in our interview. Before the Space Age Pimps of the digital age were posting their hoes on craigslist, there was one of The Last of The Mohicans of real playas, shall we say. It is without further ado that I introduce one of the last original international Pimps out there, he goes by the name of Pimpin' Snooky. We here at Pimpin Pens have had the utmost respect for Snooky ever since we were graced us with his big-screen presence in the popular Pimpin documentary; "Pimps Up Hoes Down. in 1998" Hailing from Milwaukee, Snooky boasts "I'm the nigga that your mama warned you about!" This man has redefined the Pimp game from every aspect since winning the Pimp of the Year award as featured in that documentary. The trophy was massive, taller than the two bitches from his stable assigned to carry this behemoth. The site alone lead Pimpin' Ken to say in an eerie prediction...“Even if the towers in New York fall, the trophy stands tall!” For the remainder of the month we'll be posting some video, photos, and comments from this monumental figure so check back with us frequently for updates.

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