Thursday, November 15, 2007

Game Upgrade - Pimpin' Pens Lab Additions

The team here at Pimpin' Pens recently stepped up our game acquiring some new equipment for the lab. We came up on an MPC 1000, ah yes, the Legendary Akai Music Production Center is now in our grasp. We've been producing using midi controllers in the past, we also have the M-Audio Axiom 25 Key controller.
Overall its solid, built like a fucking tank. The compact size is clutch and the Octave tab allows you to move up or down the scale with ease.The 8 Drum Pads are really good but not as sensitive as the MPC of course. If you guys have either of these machines or need help with them contact us for some insight. We could always learn something new so hit us up if you feel you've mastered to art and want to shed some light into the enigma that you often face when using Professional audio equipment like this.
Beats Coming Soon!

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