Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New Nintendo Inspired Clothing Line

Last week at New York's famed Rocafeller center was the grand opening of a new urban clothing line which is licensed by Nintendo. The Line will feature vintage gaming characters and logos of the popular gaming console. Ah yes, the lovable Toad, Yoshi, Bowser, King Koopa, Mario, Wario, Luigi, Waluigi, Princess, and any other cooky characters I can't think of at the moment. The Nintendo character classics and designs will all be the basis this exciting new line aimed at urban audiences. Set to roll out for the 2008, Torrel Harris Sr. along with his son are spearheading the new clothing line with much fanfare and anticipation. Torrel Harris Sr. is the first African-American to be licensed by the NFL and the NBA to create fashionable apparel. He can now add Nintendo onto the list of conquests as I am sure this will be an instant hit with the general public. Each piece is crafted with precise detail, which is reflected in its exorbitant prices. All T-shirts start at a whopping $50.00, and this can be justified from a supply and demand standpoint as well considering that there is only a limited quantity of 1000 pieces of every design. “I’m very excited to launch this line,” Torrel told “This has successfully combined the heritage of Nintendo with modern style.” “While our prices are more expensive than your average t-shirt, none of our products are simply screen printed cotton t-shirts," said Torrel. "The amount of craftsmanship that goes into each of the shirts is [high].” Torrel also explained how they achieve a 3D effect with the materials, “Each panel of the parachute, the feet, and other accented parts of the ‘Para Bob-omb’ shirt are all cut and embroidered onto the shirt.” Apparently there are certain restrictions as to which characters and logos can be utilized for design as apparel, but that is few and far between. All I know is that they have a Bowser jacket. How tight is that! You can peep all the freshness at ...

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