Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather VS. The Hittman Ricky Hatton

On Saturday, December 8th, 2007 the next thrilla in manilla is going down in Las Vegas when two hardbody legends square off in what is sure to be an all out brawl. We are all well acquainted with Floyd Mayweather and his devastating speed and 38-0 undefeated record in the ring. However, we may not be as familiar with his opponent the scrappy English bloke who goes by the name of the "Hittman" Ricky Hatton. This dude doesn't play at all. He speaks with a thick English accent, and exudes a quiet confidence. I was watching the preview of this fight on HBO the other day and this dude Ricky Hatton is the truth. They showed clips of him kickboxing when he was like 8-years old knocking dudes the fuck out who were twice his size. Hatton's 43-0 undefeated record is no paltry one at that, in fact, it is more impressive than Mayweather's resume. He reminds me of Brad Pitt's character in the movie Snatch, a no nonsense type of cat. His trainer is a chain-smoking obscenity spouting tough guy as well, kind of like Mickey from the Rocky movies. Hatton is a very endearing character which is much more than I can say on Floyd Mayweather's behalf. Hatton eschews the material trappings that are so pervasive in the Mayweather camp. In one excerpt from the HBO special Hatton mockingly denounces the bling bling infatuation saying: "oh look at me ring, look at me expensive chain." He goes on to say: "I keep it real, I'm real, ya a real dickhead" I also love how he substitutes the word "me" for "my" constantly. Hatton appears to be unfazed by Mayweather's constant verbal jabs and goading. It looks as if he is internalizing all the hatred he has for Mayweather until that moment when he unleashes it on him in the ring December 8Th. Although, I really want my boy Ricky Hatton to win, I'm still putting my moneny on Mayweather. Mayweather is too nasty when he throws down, and too damn fast.

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