Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mr. Sche Interview - Continued (part 2 of 3)

Need to catch up? Peep Part 1 of The Exclusive Pimpin' Pens Interview with the Boss Playa Mr. Sche Below!

[PP] You mention the Korg X3 keyboard in your songs, what other equipment do you use and how did you get in the production game?
[MS] Well, I've been using that FL Studio for a minute man and a lot of cats down it because they be like,"You using Fruity Loops." I like it for the sequencer. It's a big step up from the Korg X3. I'm an Old School nigga even though I'm young I feel like I'm stuck in those old school ways. I miss the 70s mane,but yeah I still use the X3, it's got outdated sounds and shit but I also got the Triton, you know, the Motif, a few MPCs but it dont take all that. My studio is so simple and basic you know niggas used to coming in here and seeing 68 track mixers and all dem little pretty, flashy lights and shit and they come out there and the mixing sounds like straight trash. But you know, they come out to my shit I got a computer, a mixers, two speakers some racks but it don't take all that to get that sound. A lot of cats got all that shit and don't know what they doing with it, they don't know how to use it.

[PP] You've done tracks with the likes of Al Kapone, Nasty Nardo, TI,Lil' Jon, is there anyone you really want to collaborate with?
[MS] Man I actually talked to Snoop a few times, that cat is just a Super Star you know. Maybe I gotta catch him one day when he's real high out of his mind or something and we can pull him to the side and get him into the studio. {laughs} Him definitley and like I said I'm still a big East Coast fan so maybe somebody like Jay-Z.

[PP] We know pimpin started in the M-town, give everyone a sample of how the game has changed/progressed in Memphis from your perspective.
[MS] Well that goes back to the Strip shit. A lot of Pimpin' man has moved to the internet, you'll see a lot of people out here Pimpin' but you seldom find some REAL Pimps that are still doing the street walking whores and still got the flashy suits and so and so. But now a days you got mo niggas working hoes from the Strip Clubs and shit mane. You know, taking them bitches, dropping em off, picking em up. You know take em' to a few little tricks here and there. But like I said most of these bitches is running themselves. You know most these niggas are all caught up in getting high and the wrong shit you know so these hoes ain't got nowhere to go. You know when God made these bitched he ain't gave em' nothing but a rib so they can't think for themselves so you gotta keep hoes on a leash.

[PP] All your videos are straight up G-shit, you produce (shoot/edit) those yourself?
[MS] Yeah if you don't see me on the screen I'm probably behind the camera shooting that bitch. And yeah I do all the editing, chopping that shit. My first video, actually I didn't pay for it but I sat there and watched them guys do it and I'm like man I know I can do it. So I'm like "Man can I sit here and watch this?" and he was like "Yeah of course" he said, "I ain't no hater so I'm going to allow you to sit here and learn," so I did. And in the 4 hours it took him to edit that thing I picked up everything he did mane and went and bought all that shit the next day. It would have cost me $3000 to pay him for the video and the equipment only ran me about $200-$300.

[PP] Also, we noticed that you got some Porn DVDs out too, how'd you get involved with that.
[MS] Shit, other than just loving bitches, you know fuckin' wit hoes, I been doing that shit for years mane - I put a bitch on camera in a minute! You know I expose them bitches. I just got a lot of underground Porn you know. There's a company out in LA that contacted me that were fans of the music that was like, "We need some beats for production and maybe some editing" and just basically everything since they knew I did everything and I was like "Shit, whatever!" One of the cats was even trying to get me into one of the scenes but mane I was like you trying to get me killed I can't do no shit like that. You know I'll get in the scene and do some old game talking but I can't be fucking no bitches on screen like that. I've done bout 2-3 movies and I got another one coming out on the first of January and I'm trying to get my own License to do the shit myself because right now I'm just kinda Freelance for some other companies. Man, it's a trip you in the room when mothafuckers fuckin' but like I said mane I been doing this shit for years in the underground you know, Amateur Porn. It's just something I always wanted to do and I always told niggas if I wasn't a rapper or doing the shit I do I'd probably be a Porn Star.

[PP] How's the Dro scene out there in Memphis, we've heard that ya'll are fucking with some funk!
[MS] Right now it's kinda iffy {laughs}, you get some good here and there but you got one called babbage you gotta watch out for. It's iffy but we get some shit that'll knock you on your ass now, yeah some good shit out here, some Cali!

Check Back with us for part 3, The Conclusion, going up sometime this weekend.

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