Monday, July 7, 2008

Teaser Alert! New and Classic Nas Cuts...New Album Awaits

As you numbskulls may have seen, Nasty Nas is our featured artist of the month, fuck the haters. So in preparation of the Queensbridge legend's new record, we bless you with a leaked teaser off the new junt plus some old bangers to keep the ears satisfied. May I remind all you golden era rap junkies, Nas is going out on a rotten limb by not dumbin down his style these days as opposed to most watered down music. So keep his work water resistant nah mean, go cop that shit!

Nasty Nas feat Keri Hilson: "Hero"Hero (Dirty) - Nas Feat Keri Hilson |
Cadence is very reminiscent of Illmatic...

Nasty Nas: "Queens Get the Money"Queens Get The Money - Nas
Uh, yeah, certified burner...

Let's take em back...

Nas: "Silent Murder"Silent Murder - Nas

Nas: "The World is Yours"The World Is Yours - Nas

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You got nothing but classic shit on your site... always nice visiting