Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday Junts: Dope Distortions on Classic Cut

It's always a pleasure awakening with a smile, stumbling out of whatever cavern that lovely young thing that so seductively lured you into the night before allowed you to flee from (great escapes?), and diving head first into that merkaba of comfortable ecstasy more commonly referred to as, your whip. To top that feeling off, the cherry completing the situation is when you got some new cuts in the dash to accompany the voyage home. Enjoy the week fuckers...

Here are some ridiculous renditions of the classic "Message From a Black Man", a Barrett Strong-Norman Whitfield composition best known in its 1969 recording by the Temptations. Most notably and recently heard on both RZA and Nas' latest efforts, I dusted off a few others for good measure. All great artists and all bonafide banger versions of the sample:

RZA: "You Can't Stop Me Now"
U Cant Stop Me Now - RZA

Nasty Nas: "You Can't Stop Us Now"
You Cant Stop Us Now ft. Eban Thomas of the Stylistics and The Last Poets - NaS

MF Doom as King Geedorah: "Anti Matter"Anti-Matter - King Geedorah Ft MF Doom & Mr Fantastik (2003)

Mos Def: "Undeniable"
Undeniable - Mos Def

The Temptations: "Message From A Black Man"Message From A Black Man - Temptations

Who else but Pimpin' Pens can deliver a piece as ill as this huh? I encourage an adversary...

Bonus Vid!!!
El-pro and Mr. Lif killin it!

Nice little in store session they threw up on the defjuxsite...

Gear up for a brigade of rawness and hilarity this week...

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