Friday, July 25, 2008

Return of the Abacist: Nas' "Untitled" Record Review

We only review records we are extremely fond of, typically the ones' well accompanied by a ginormous cloud of spliff smoke and bitter sweet nostalgia, so naturally, haters are more than encouraged to continue reading.

So Nasty Nas dropped an album previously said to be released under the title of a racial epithet, but so "controversial" he instead left it untitled due to the overabundance of pressure tyrannizing down from the powers bestowed upon a select group of individuals born without genitals. Oh, and for the sake of impartial honesty, I'm a spick, and the album would have been called nigger, we clear? Now that the least important part of the record has been discussed, although the media seems to slowly pleasure themselves on the album title alone, let's keep it moving onto what should be the only important aspect out of any Nas project, the fucking music.

"...they pray please god, let em spit that uzi in the army lining, that shorty doowop rollin oowops in the park reclining..." -Nas on "Queens Get The Money"

After nine studio records and an armada of impeccable verses, the talking heads still cross their sticky green fingers in hopes of another "Illmatic", what a snore. Bra, it's been over a decade, drop it... that record was by far beyond classic, but my expectations would be dumb enough to wear a fucking halftard helmet if that's where the bar was placed. Besides, you can't expect anyone to bring back a pioneering early 90's style in 2008, that is ridiculously absurd. I mean, do you see me blazing some shwag ass regular nuggery from back in the day? No way, we've upgraded, we lounge with cereal bowls filled with super purple penicillin, and that is exactly where Nas' cadence, style, and word choice has evolved to. He executes lines all over the record with such precision DJ's should be able to cut the grooves backwards while a pair of voluptuous stripper titties are bouncing in their grill. The flavorful choice of gutter phrases spliced with literary word choice displays a certain level of maturity only a trill seasoned veteran can harness. And the selection of beats produced by exceptional artists who aren't necessarily spotlighting but bang sounds out the barracks compliment kid wave's style to perfection (such as Salam Remi, Jay Electronica, from Dead Prez, Mark Ronson, Polow Da Don...). Albeit, most of the new generation may turn a curled ear towards the beats, mainly because they'll malfunction and blow masses of fucking iphones to smithereens if used as ringtones, (that's cause they're raw beats dickhead, those that didn't understand or took offense should gargle horse urine out a pimp cup).

But does he tackle the topic effectively? Well, the percussion-less introduction by Jay Electronica allows Nas to explain his position on the project with the rhetoric of a misunderstood thinker, a prisoner of words bound to poetic dust torn between a corrupt industry of jingle peddlers and founders of the greatest cultural and musical era since jazz. From the basic concepts painted with intricate imagery on "You Can't Stop Us Now" (yo he got dude from the stylistics on that joint!) , to the more meaningful tone towards bullshit media coverage on "Sly Fox", to the superb single "Hero", Nas puts together a work of musical expressionism layered deeper than just exploitation, controversy, messages, and concepts. Regardless, "Fried Chicken" and "Project Roach" have single handedly butchered any album cut from any artist this year, chew on that...

Untitled-Nas[The Album/Explicit Version]

Dudes record leaked, had no marketing or promotion, and still sold off the shelves. Wow, who would of thought generating a solid fan base would allow you to make music your way without throwing on a mask...

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