Tuesday, July 8, 2008

DJ Paul Roasts Nakia Shine

At an autograph meet and greet event in honor of Three Six Mafia's latest album The Last 2 Walk premiering at #5 on the billboard charts in Memphis over the weekend went sour when DJ Paul had some choice words for Memphis upstart Kia Shine. Kia Shine got a dose of humiliation from DJ Paul and Juicy J as his friendly overtures were quickly rebuffed. Kia Shine was accused by DJ Paul of biting or stealing the east coast swag only to later on switch it back up to the Memphis steez (style) when it didn't get results. Kia Shine was escorted of the stage to a jeering audience and an unusually uppity Juicy J, yelling his infamous "shut the fuck up" in his trademark animated voice. DJ Paul also chimed in with a, "what a loser," remark as Kia Shine was escorted of the premises. It appears that Three Six haven't forgotten Kia Shine's jabs a few years ago, where he claimed Three Six were devil worshipers. Check it!

Kia Shine dissing Three Six

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