Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Kia Shine Responds to 36 Diss

Kia Shine took the high road stance in his recent spat with the Three Six Mafia which took place at the autograph signing meet and greet promo. Shine essentially said that he felt it was his moral obligation to quell the acrimony that has been so ubiquitous over the history of Memphis rap. He said that he thought everything was copacetic with DJ Paul because of prior conversations they had engaged in, in which Kia Shine stated that their relations were amicable. Shine went on to say that he didn't like the way the camera footage was edited either.
I guess everything isn't even stephens, and Paul still remembered the static emanating from Shine back in the day before he became a Memphis household name.
Regardless, check out some fresh Kia Shine cuts.

Respect My Fresh - Nakia Shine

Stunna Shades - Kinfolk

Bitch Get Up Off Me - Nakia Shine / Kinfolks

Enzo "Bitch get up off me, ho fall up off me!"