Monday, July 7, 2008

MTV TR3S - Latin Music, Videos and More!
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In recent weeks we've been in touch with the people at MTV3 or MTV Tr3s, mainly the Miami office which hosts & manages content for the affiliate stations MTV Tr3s LA (KBEH-63) and MTV Tr3s Phoenix. ( KMOH| KEJR-43) MTV Tr3s is the only MTV channel you can access without cable - yes without cable and it features a variety of both English and Spanish programming. MTV Tr3s (formerly called MTV en EspaƱol 1999-2006) provides satellite and over-the-air content with a rich assortment of bi-cultural entertainment and media. So non-spanish speakers don't fret to turn your dial and tune in, you can catch all of your favorite videos just like on any other MTV channel but the beauty is this one is available without having to commit to a pricey dish or cable package. Stay tuned for more updates and exclusives on our collaborations with the MTV Networks.

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