Monday, July 14, 2008

Classic Hip Hop Soundtracks : Tales From The Hood

Released in 1995, Tales From the Hood is a blaxploitation film weaving 4 shorty story vignettes concerning superstitious and paranormal occurrences inside the ghetto enclaves of America. It is sort of a Boyz N the Hood meets Tales From the Crypt hybrid. The film begins with a few unsuspecting drug dealers who show up at the door of a funeral parlor, run by the director Mr. Simms. The drug dealers arrive at the funeral home in search of some misplaced product, and are subsequently admonished with cautionary tales of some of the funeral parlors more eccentric clients. When Mr. Simms finishes his tales of terror, he reveals the sinister truth behind the drug dealers eternal fate.
Tales from the hood is without a doubt a landmark film of the mid-90's and the soundtrack manages to perfectly capture the ethos of the film. Check it!
1) Wu-Tang Clan- "Let Me At Them"

2) Scarface & Facemob- "Facemob"

3) Domino feat. Chill- "Tales From The Hood"

4) Spice 1- "Born II Die"

5) Ol' Dirty Bastard- "Ol' Dirty's Back"

6) NME and Grench the Mean 1- "I'm Talkin' To Myself"

7) Dawn Green and Prodeje & Havoc- "The Hood Got Me Feelin' the Pain"

8) MC Eiht- "One Less Nigga"

9) Gravediggaz- "From The Dark Side"

10) Bokie Loc- "Death Represents My Hood"

11) The Click- "One Echo Hits Thru The Ghetto"

12) Killa and N.G.N.- "The Grave

Enzo on the Scene comin clean rollin mean

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Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

man like that movie, especially the voodoo doll lol