Thursday, July 3, 2008

Indie Day on Friday? Oh Yea, We Gettin Buck

Happy fucking independence day from the entire Pimpin' Pens nation. Albeit, this wonderful country which I will most certainly go berserk for does have its issues, but it is by far the best nation to live in. While I have experienced a greater amount of freedom in the dizzle, otherwise known as Amsterdam, I know of no where else but America where a Cuban diablo from Miami could rock Wall Street during the day and deliver pimpin pieces after hours to then exploit spliff usage till the next morning just to start over again, I truly love my country. Nuff said, let's celebrate, champaign and nuggery for the flubbery get your grind on let them fireworks strike off we wildin boy!

Company Flow: "Patriotism"
Patriotism - Company Flow

Wu-Tang: "Rules"
Rules - Wu-Tang Clan

Bonus Shit!!!

Jiggaman Dropping a fucking Nuke in the UK

Oasis will never feel the same lol...

Oh yea, how bout some ultra red white and blue...skooooo

Posted By Los "uncle sam adams" Diablo for Pimpin' Pens


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

unk sam adams whad up folk
the wu and no ice cream lol

Hip-Hop said...

Good Blog