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Mr. Sche and T-Rock Vendetta
The Album Review

"Words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the annunciation of truth. And the truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn’t there?"

V- Quote from the film Vendetta

This dark, gritty, cinematic album provides a glimpse into the rotten, blackened, corrupt core of todays cut-throat society. A world of blood soaked side walks, the criminal underworld and the horrible state of the economy and our country due to the sinister stranglehold from our nations hell spawned leaders. Together Mr. Sche and T-Rock form a colossal conglomerate of heathens to face the overwhelming tyranny infecting the globe with a slew of untamed lyrics over hardcore, ferocious, "beat yo ass" beats. This CD is not for the weak-minded, feeble pop-music supporters, rather it's for the enlightened few searching for originality and mega-hard, fist-pumping anthems in todays overwhelming sea on monotony.

Never has T-Rock shined brighter then on this project and Sche, with his unparalleled work ethic dropping multiple albums per year, team up to form a deadly duo. The united efforts of the two Southern juggernauts result in a classic masterpiece just as we expected. The beats inspired by the film are so well produced and layered resulting in a wide-bodied sound and epic composition opening the platform for Sche and T-Rock to spit venom at the President, Terrorists, the Judicial System and other monsters in disguise living amongst us. Picture the nations Capitol up in flames with a huge middle finger emerging from the ashes and debris and you'll catch a glimpse of the feeling of rebellion on this record.

With tracks like "Ain't Seen what I Seen" and "Still Young & Buck" the ingenious, indie-rap kingpins deliver a non-stop barrage of timeless bars and quotables that would have me typing all day so I'll provide some audio instead. After multiple listens I still have the album in my deck and now with a thorough understanding of the project I'm composing this review to share that sense of rebellion that the Rap game has been craving for some time now. Rather than catering to Radio Play these two have always made music for the true G's and playas of yesteryear (early 90's rap era) and I couldn't be more please with the end result.

This shit gets you buck, enlightens, and motivates the mundane to get on your grind like never before. To touch on an earlier topic, T-Rock on a Sche beat is a force to be reckoned with. I've been a fan since the Hypnotize Camp days but he's only improved with age and burns holes though the tracks with each verse he conjures and spits in his rapid-fire delivery style. Sche also delivers a series of mighty, forceful verses with a touch of Pimp Swagger to correspond and compliment his production with underlying themes of motivating others, giving sight to the blind, and peeling back the facade plaguing the planet. To sum things up they keep things super Trill and any fan of these two or aficionados of Southern G-Shit at it's finest definitely go out and cop this album and pass the motivation to those enslaved in a stagnant state of unconsciousness. Rise up and let your voices be heard alongside the battle cries of The Pimpin' Pens Nation!


Track Listing
1. Intro
2. Ain't Seen What I Seen
3. Like What
4. Streets On Lock
5. Still Young & Buck
6. Git Mad
7. Gangsta Shit
8. Missile Rip (T-Rock Solo)
9. Boogey Man (Mr. Sche Solo)
10. I Don't Give A Fuck
11. Ya Heard Me
12. U Dont Want Dese Problems - Rock Solid Royal Family (Slikk, Red Knight, Pimp Deezy, C.P., Shorty Roc, Yung Hazardus, Reek, Ace Major, Harrass, T-Rock) feat. Mr. Sche
13. Gorillas - Immortal Lowlife (Nasty Nardo, Mr. Sche, Blue Boi, Pimpminista, Zon Barlow, 12 Gage)
14. Pass The Motivation
15. Vendetta
16. I'm A Sinner
17. Outro

**Bonus Tracks**
Preview of Area 51’s “Behind Enemy Lines”
Preview of The Rock Solid Royal Family
Preview of Mr. Sche’s “Undaground Forever”

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