Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Scandulous Tuesdays

So there's been some salacious news going down in the rap game currently, and I thought I would put in my two pennies.
Word on the streets is that Rick Ross is certified as a former 50 (police) affiliate. Namely, a corrections officer in one of the pens (penitentiary) in South Miami. Ross repeatedly denied these claims and said that he has always kept it 100% street, gutter, and what have you. Really where Ross fucked up was in the fact that he kept denying these grumblings. Homeboy knows that if your on top of the pedestal your going to encounter a lot of opposition from haters and fugazys. He should have just represented like the former jake (cop) that he was and flaunted it in all of its splendor. Now he's fucked because he was acting in a clandestine and sneaky way. I have no ill will towards Mr. Ross, in fact I was extremely proud of a Miami dude who made such remarkable strides in navigating the heights of the entertainment world. This is going to be quite a conundrum for him to work himself out of, but I pray for him.

On to the next scandal which I have been wanting to comment on for some time. DMX, born Earl Simmons has been having a rough time of it, to say the least, these last few months. He has been arrested like 17 times within the past month alone for all types of fuckery. What a fall from grace. This guy was runnin shit big boy status not too long ago. When Its Dark and Hell is Hot came out he was like the next 2pac or something. However, amidst all the drugs and material trappings the rap game has to offer, he foundered. I don't really no what to say about dude, except I have seen a lot of haters talking slick about X on the internet. Despite his mental health issues I still think that DMX will doll out a savage beating on anyone throwing salt on his game. I'm in DMX's corner supporting one of the last vestiges of realness left in this game. He hasn't really dropped anything significant since Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of my Blood, but on the strength of his first two LP's DMX is still a rap kingpin.


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