Monday, July 28, 2008

Can Ox Cluster Fuck

Cannibal Ox's Vast Aire and Vordol epitomize all that is obscurely cosmic gutter rap. You can literally taste the rust from chewed up razor blades as the sounds and verbage from this junkyard NYC back alley duo echo in your ear drums. I may just get extremely lifted and drop a whole piece on the classic "Cold Vein" one of these days. Until then, help yourself to a raw serving of some of the most recent material from these cloaked Cannibals:

Vast Aire feat Vordol and prod from the legend Pete Rock: "Mecca and the Ox"mecca and the ox - Vast Aire ft Vordul Mega
Pete came very El-proesque on this junt off of Vast's new record, "Dueces Wild"

Can Ox: "AK 47"
Ak-47 (Produced by Opto) - Cannibal Ox

Can Ox: "From the Planet of Eat"From The Planet Of Eat - Cannibal Ox

Bonus Juntastics!!!
Can Ox and DJ Rob Swift: "Cosmos"

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