Sunday, March 30, 2008

Swift Supplies: Can of Goods

While the over polluted "hip-hop" music generation has been plagued by sugar coated jingles and candy land ringtones, a handful of grime centric artists have been able to slither through the cracks. Being that Pimpin' Pens applauds genuine, obscure, rusty pinky ring roughnecks, we found it imminent to deliver some bangers from artists worthy of carrying the torch for their respective genres. Enjoy fuckheads!

Bun B's mega classic "Get Throwed":

You know we had to get it crackin with ya boy Pimp C!

Nas feat. The Game "Hustlas":

Dangerdoom's (MF Doom & Dangermouse) "The Mask" feat. the monsterdon Ghostdini:

El-P's vividly tough "Smithereens":

Nice little mixtape junt from a true hustling harlemite, Max B:

Courtesy hors d'oeuvres for any occasion compiled as a preemptive strike. Exclusive pieces on each of these artists coming soon...

Posted By Los for Pimpin' Pens