Monday, March 10, 2008

Warcloud: Smuggling Booze in the Graveyard

Warcloud, formerly known as Holocaust during his brief stint with the west coast killabee collective Black Knights, went solo as Warcloud and dropped this underground magnum opus. His style is a synthesis of loony, kooky, zany, and crazy all rolled into one funky melody. This is the type of shit the rap game is missing; that off the wall mentally deranged type shit. This may be too bugged out for your average rap listener's mentals to grasp, but that is because its poetry. Good poetry my dear friends is something that you cannot grasp readily, it takes a little critical thinking. I'm not going to sit here and front like I understand even 1/3 of what this dudes is spitting, but I will say that it is original and well-crafted lyricism. I've included the lyrics so maybe some of you could help decipher the hidden meaning of this puzzling mental manuscript. This guy is as underground as it gets, only tru wu-heads know about him, as well as people from places like the Galapagos Islands. This is the type of song that you zone out to while you're trolling (rolling on e pills and tripping on acid). You might be fine without including the ecstasy in the mix, and just keep it strictly hallucinogens, then again maybe listening to it sober will do the trick too (disclaimer: we here at Pimpin' Pens do not "condone" drug use). Spooky and dope all rolled into one, this shit isn't for everybody, but if you're into thought-provoking stuff, this is for you. Put this in your little pipes and bite down. Ooh and I almost forgot nuff respect due to the youtube user r2d2gz (fresh name) for holdin it down for the youtube community with Warcloud game official.

And the lyrics...

[Scooby Doo sample]
Velma : The Creeper!
Shaggy : Zoiks! It's him!

[Intro: Warcloud]
Warcloud, unique, yeah
Beat City, Verbal Warriors
Observe the coridoriors
Yo yo

Unmarked graves, bow havens, jaw breaker tycoons
Choke sleeper porsche from the land fields, my jam kills
Rusty iron giant who razmadazz the world
Smash a champ soda, took his bike, left him his girl
Candy her phalanges, we smuggle booze in the graveyard
Lust vine of roses, I pop shots ferocious
And rewire your faulty brain circuitry as a courtesy
If you cop the drop, emergency home surgery
From the mandibles of a mechanical cannibal
A titanical, breumatical moseic dismantled you
And snapped 3 million bare skeletons, creatures rotting
In the museum I pot bodies of foreign bodies
Ultimate heavy cannon, seven ships and seven hats
Victorious storm by rave 'barian followed by eleven bats
Off to my room base, one of the moons of Pluto
Then back to blast the city, sneaky Pete and black Bart
Six finger gym wine opener, the train through the desert
On the horse with no name and heavy fame
Green hunting hawk, hunting swan, atomic pesticides
I burst through your Great Wall of China, you demoleculise
Grail jail crush at creepers (Yo)
A bribe and a hand of trails, mystic at heart
They who enter, rapped their backstage is 'bout to get shown out out the window
Yo yo yo, expect to get shown out out the window

[Chorus x2: Warlcloud]
Wall of jelly pool shark, welcome to the light house
Pistol in bread box, one flew over cuckoo
Zombies couped up in a cottage smokin' cigars
Pipe bomb at the Olympics, Stone Roses

We be the undercover specimin, phenomonal, mind expolosive
Bomb your land mark with a charge of nitrogliserin convulsive
Resource for resources, those who contradict I speak against
We attack with forces, the thunderous thunder storm
Me and my swarm we way above the norm'
I snatch your mics so hard it'll dislocate your arm
Y'all niggaz ain't knowin' about the 3-60 divine
Tragedy, the last paragraph, get to the bottom line
Cat's minds that I build with, they be the solid kind
Cuz they sparkin' my projects they be the same kind
Who dare come amongst us and lend more jewels for battlin'
My nitrogliserin charge leave your database shatterin'
Regurgitate rhymes, speed on your head, brain batterin'
Fantastic rap mic fabulous
Cipher niggas grab microphone, spit hazardous
Resurrect the mental dead like Lazarus
Catch me up north chillin' up in Club Cannabis
Me and Warlcoud knock your dome, rock you like the Grand Canyon-ist
Cypher niggas flip the format in your manuscript
You can't handle it, get smashed like the sandwiches

[Break: Warcloud]
We flat house floozies, floozies
Get chased stayin' in the door house yo
Yo yo yo yo yo

Chorus x2

I'm like a '57 Chevie Christine, so pristine
On the candy apple sweet cream sixteen peep
My raps in the form of runners of land creatures the colacan
Heavy heavy hollow spined fish, the line was crisp
Deadly game show and behind tomb number three
Is the imperial eating eyeball serial
Letters from a killer, I gulp your brains down with Miller
Dark side tiller, I stab you in the chest wit' a pillar
That collapse the Greek monument, Great Chief's conglomorate
Shadow circle the hall with swords, bloody astonishment
Faces slide across walls, off y'all so grand
We sent two groups, one the foot and one the hand
Wu-Tang Clan, barbarians and iron samurai's
Whispered battle cries that shatter skys and planets die
World eaters and y'all turn mics in the cannister
Code of soldier janitor, horror flicks over the bannister
Alleyway butcher, eight spirits that nurture
This rap's a dead body of a sewage maintenance worker

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