Thursday, March 13, 2008


Being that I was in a Bone Thugs frame of mind yesterday, I started doing a little scouring around for more gems when I fell upon this moving vid of Bizzy Bone on the Maury Povich show. The chick has a rare medical condition called Spina Bifida, and all she wants out of life is to meet her idol Bizzy Bone. Bizzy Bone being the genuine cat that he is, makes this girls day by serenading her on Maury. I will be the first to admit that I'm not very familiar with Bizzy's solo work. I think it is because I've heard a few ramblings from some people that they were kind of weird and religious. But you can't base your decisions off of other people's opinions, right? After all if I had done that I would not have purchased my favorite album of all time Bobby Digital in Stereo. So I like to make it a habit now of posting this type of tender, tear-jerking material. I'd like to think that it is my way of contributing to the overall betterment of mankind.

As a sidebar, I absolutely love the Maury Povich show. Even though Maury might be the devil, I am still quite fond of his work. Barring the usual topics of the paternity tests, I love his more unconventional and off-beat work. For instance the fat babies, primordial dwarfs, and 12-year old chickenheads. Check it out.

Cute little fuckers huh? Give those kids some vegetables, ASAP!
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