Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Cornucopia of Dope: A Goodie Bag Piece

When all else fails and boredom ensues, there is an unparalled concurrence that Pimpin' Pens will deliver.
When a pimp walks passed a funky corridor towards his most exotic earner, and she seductively salutes his swagger, you know damn well after she gets plowed Pimpin' Pens will deliver.
When graff artists slither through the crevices of forgotten train yards to indulge in their own ego, further fueled by the indelible paint that drips across their unscathed craniums, Pimpin' Pens will deliver.
When a spliff gets twisted by the dustiest of grips inside a coffee shop off of Damrak, Pimpin' Pens will deliver (after stopping by the Red Light of course).
When hand to hands across crumbling corners influence a noble hustler to pioneer a rap craft so unique that only the most proper vinyl etiquette can support it, Pimpin' Pens will deliver.
When a fucking comet heads towards Earth, scattering cosmos and crushing dark matter to pummel our world into crumbs of granite, I will be on every obscure-bugged-out substance you can think of, but Pimpin' Pens will still deliver.


Fresh Footwork

Vintage Vandals

Ill Bangers

Bet on that...

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