Saturday, March 8, 2008

T-Rock Interview Part 3 of 3

(PP): What other artists would you like to work with?

(T-Rock): Off the top I got to say Z-Ro, Bun B, Lil Keke, Scarface, Outkast, 8ball & MJG. I just love working with other talented artists. The list goes on, TI, Jay-Z, Kool G Rap, Brotha Lynch Hung, C-BO, Yukmouth. I love real lyricists real music makers.

(PP): Saying you would like to work with an artist like Bun B, how did you feel when you heard Pimp C died.

(T-Rock): Man I was devastated, that shit really hurt. He was a legend in the south. I never met him, but I felt like I knew hime because I grew up on his music. As far as I'm concerned when he passed it was like on the same level as
2Pac, because he was just as influential.

(PP): That about wraps it up, any shout outs?

(T-Rock): I wanna send a shout out to Mossberg the new producer for Rock Solid Music, he came to run shit, all ya'll suckas ass no producing fake ass keyboard playing mafuckas, better head for the hills cuz he's cutting your heads. MAJ much love to MAJ and DJ Cree man we holdin this shit down. My nigga Grip, also a big shout out to Mr. Sche that nigga definately get a MVP award this year, he held shit down. Area 51 we going hard, the game don't stop till the game go flop. And all the pussy ass niggas who said you can't do shit, tell them to eat a dick and that I said you can.

I thought I had a little more than that but fuck it, I guess not. That's the last installment to the T-Rock chronicles. Hope you enjoyed that, Much luv to the homie T-Rocafella aka Mr. Washington for contributing more flavor to the Pimpin Pens nation. Apologies to Mossberg, and DJ Cree for misspelling their names, my bad ya'll.

Bonus T-Rock freestyle video below!

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should give a shout out to Slikk and Pimp Deezy on the freestyle too