Friday, March 7, 2008

Pimpin' Friday Word of The Day: Swayze

In light of the tragic circumstances surrounding veteran actor Patrick Swayze's bout with colon cancer, I thought that I would pay homage to the man responsible for classics like Point Break and Roadhouse with the word of the day slot. Due to the overwhelming success of the movie Ghost, and its resonance in the hip hop community for whatever reason, hip hop slang welcomed Patrick's surname Swayze as a term used to describe somebody getting ghost or dipping, flexing, and bouncing- in other words leaving abruptly. I thought the least we could do was pay tribute to ole boy with the word of the day. Colon cancer is a bitch and also took the life of the late great Poetic aka Grim Reaper from the horrorcore rap group Gravediggaz. I highly recommend to all my Pimpin Pens family to get a colonoscopy every few years or so in order to preempt any potential issues as far as stomach health goes. Below is a little Point Break montage put together courtesy of youtube user jaearon.

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