Monday, March 10, 2008


Youtube user Coljohn23 is cold with his. He's got a plethora of dope Wu Tang unreleased joints as well as some tight shit by Cypress Hill, Psycho Realm, an more hardbody shit. Check out this soulful track with Prince Rakeem ( aka the Rza my favorite rapper ever) and Rollie Fingers, but you might know him better as Inspectah Deck.

While we're at it, I'm gonna hit you with some more Bobby Digi flavor from the Bobby Digital in Stereo LP, entitled Holocaust. The eponymous track was given its name because the emcee Warcloud formerly known as Holocaust straight merked this joint, and Rza payed him homage by naming the track after him
"Holocaust black man whose veins littered with thorns
back smack you so hard all y'all seeds be born deformed"

^Just a dose of the realness he spits. Check out Rza reclining on his throne of blood with the Riddler mask. Too hard!
R.I.P. to Doc Doom- from the west coast Killabee Wu affiliates the Black Knights. Even Tony Starks comes through to spit some poisonous dartz:

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