Thursday, March 27, 2008

UGK-Hidden Dartz

Digging in the youtube crates I found these obscure UGK videos. The first is off the soundtrack to some movie with Chow Yun Fat, and Marky Mark. I forget what this movie is called, but the song, "Take it Off," was featured on the soundtrack, as well as their 2001 release "Dirty Money." I wish Bun B, and Pimp C would have spoken more Chinese in their videos. That shit sounded chow yun phat(get it "phat" it's a play on words, but you guys knew that already, the pimpin pens family are very intelligent individuals who understand the nuances of the English language), stupid jokes aside, this was a dope concept for a video; pimpin Chinese birds, and speaking mandarin and what not. R.I.P. Pimp C. C the Pimp Free!

Compliments to youtube user HtownClassics for the vid.

Next up we got this little obscure diddy from the sophmore release "SuperTight," entitled "It's Supposed To Bubble." Look how gully these kniccas look back then. No ice, no bling, just straight funk. Looks like Bun B has trimmed down a little to since the old dayz. It's Dom Perrignon it's supposed to bubble, it just be like that sometimes.

Again compliments to HtownClassics for the vid.

And last but not least we got this little video from a Rap-A-Lot cat named Big Mike, who at one time was a temporary member for the Ghetto Boys replacing the legendary Willie D. "Having Thangs features a young fresh-faced Pimp C lacing the chorus with his soulful southern drawl. Kunichiwa biatches! and I'm out.


Oh and one mo thang, speaking of Willie D. Here is the infamous Willie D, with the infamous Pimp C in the music video: "Freaky Deaky" off the 2000 solo junt "Loved by Few Hated by Many." Kunichiwa biatches and I'm out fortrill this time.

Highly concentrated flavor fo that ass!

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