Sunday, March 9, 2008

Cinematic Soundscapes: Sonic Sum's "Films"

Originally released as an exclusive in Japan, Sonic Sum's bionically dope "Films" parachutes into the US from Def Jux's rations inventory. A booming Bronx collective comprised of four futuristic musicians, (DJ/producer Fred Ones, DJ/producer Jean Duval, bass player/producer Eric M.O., and the outsized frontman/producer Rob Sonic), these synthesized savages prepare a really nice piece for anyone gasping for a fresh breath in this overly humdrum atmospere of music we seem to call "hiphop". (I now write it in lowercase because its balls have been sucked in by the influx of baby ringtone rap stuffing the airwaves to the point I will re-define the word "beatdown" some time in 2008. If you've taken offense then I am talking to YOU, blow me.) Anyway, as mentioned, it is remarkably refreshing to listen to the various spectrums of synths and samples blended with obscure percussions and laced with rusty razor wordplay throughout the entire record. Raw, fulfilling, far from mundane, and beautifully noisy, "Films" is definitely getting rotation on the Pimpin' Pens side of things.

1. Oscillator
2. Moth
3. Choking Victim
4. Films
5. Marathon
6. Negatives
7. Novelty Model a
8. Chopper One Slow
9. Rocket
10. Medicine Motto
11. Circuit Breaker
12. Ordinary Mower

Slip a Bonus in their pockets!
Rob Sonic's "SuperBall", full song and instrumental, off his mighty dope record "Telicatessen".

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