Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wu Tang Clan's First Interview

The Wu Tang Clan back when they were real hardbody and savage. This interview was filmed on the set of "Da Mystery of Chessboxin" music video, and conducted by the venerable ambassador of hip-hop in the early days-Fab Five Freddy. Wu Tang is the tightest rap group in history hands down. I'll even go as far as to say they are the greatest musical group ever, that is how much the TriplesixNinja has been influenced by these true veritable icons. Peep Ghostface Killah donning the the white mask. He was still a wanted man by the authorities at that time for gun-trafficking, so he had to stay incognito back in the enter the 36 chambers era. There has never been a rap group or any group in any genre for that matter, who once they started making major moves in the industry, came back to their respective hoods and held their entire affiliated nation down as well. Wu Tang is the most dangerous and thick clique in music history. Also, the most influential kniccas in the game. Who do you think set the blueprint for all the scarface, gambino, criminology, aka multiple alias shit that is considered commonplace now in the rap game. Trendsetters to say the least. Nuff respect due to the gods, and the earths. And they are still ten toes in the game for after nearly 20 years, that is a true testament to their longevity and perseverance in the game.


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