Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Brothers Solomon

What if you got free popcorn and a dead tweedy every time you changed a baby instead of plain old shit? Or porked an eskimo chick for your home school prom? Or entertained the possibility of giving birth to a baby cyclops? Huh?

So my couch forced a spliff in my mouth and inserted The Brothers Solomon on DVD into the player for me, (which scored a whopping 4.9 on IMDB), and I must say: "That shit was fucking hilarious!" You douche bags on IMDB that rated this masterpiece anything less than piss your piss-stained-pants funny deserve a quickie with 2 donkeys, yes 2. Directed by Bob Odenkirk from Tim and Eric Awesome Show fame and starring Will Arnet (Arrested Development) and Will Forte (Beerfest) The Brothers Solomon delivers some of the most hilariously awkward scenes I've ever witnessed. Packed with ridiculous facial gestures and outlandish attempts at baby making, these two optomistic halftards ensure that hilarity will ensue. Cop the DVD and give it a gander, I mean, they did knock up some big black dude's chick for their pops yo, that's funny shit.

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bizzle said...

that movie is the titties. especially when he kisses that dude on the lips in the beginning

bizzle said...

i'm not gay though