Monday, January 14, 2008

Hip Hop Immortals - The Review

One night flipping aimlessly thorugh the channels of my overpriced dish program I stumbled upon what I can only assume is a slept on Documentary called "Hip Hop Immortals" on the Documentary Channel (DOC). After further review I come to find out that this film was released in 2004 and for some reason has elluded my attention until now. Directed by Bonz Malone this film covers the rise and evolution of hip-hop as a lifestyle and an art form as well as chronicaling great names in the game and the many forefathers of the culture. With appearences from industry greats such as GangStarr, Rakim, Kool G Rap, RedMan, 8-Ball, Fat Joe and others the movie offers a wide range of opinions, stories, and all the diverse elements that form one of the most influencial genres of music to date: Hip-Hop. Packed with a ton of guest appearences, real behind the scenes interviews and more this Documentary is sure to please any fan of the culture. From clothing, to sneakers, graffiti, Deejaying, beats , rhymes and life Hip Hop Immortals shines a fresh light on this ever-developing genre with insight as to where we came from, and where the game is headed next. Keep an eye out for it on the Documentary Channel, definitely worth peeping.


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