Saturday, January 26, 2008

Nasty Nardo- Can't Stop Ballin Review

After hearing Nasty Nardo on the Hustle and Flow soundtrack I've been steady hooked on this dude's delivery and flow. This lead me to cop the Already Famous CD and now the Can't Stop Ballin junt which was the CD that caught the attention of Craig Brewer; director of the groundbreaking film Hustle and Flow. Released November 16, 2004 on Nardo's own label imprint Ghetto Star Entertainment this CD is just another link in the off the chain repertoire that is Nasty Nardo. In other words this was the CD that propelled Nardo to the national spotlight. I believe it was the cut off the Already Famous album "Watch TV" featuring Young Kee where Nardo alludes to his chance encounter with Hustle and Flow director Craig Brewer stating:
"he loved click on em, and that's when I said let's get a room on em, he took my phone number and then he called me, and ever since then there's been plenty salt shakin on me. bad talk on me because they wasn't chosen to represent they city with they hustlin and flowin. or they elbowin or the gansta walk don't get mad at me pimp it wasn't my fault. so stop throwin salt and stop worrying about my song, and don't don't don't watch me hoe watch TV its that p-i-mafucking-m-p its that Nasty Nardo and Young Kee don't watch me hoe watch TV"
Back to the basics, Can't Stop Ballin is another certified banger through and through, with cuts like the original "Let's Get a Room" featuring Gangsta Boo, and other junts featuring Memphis mainstays Kingpin Skinny Pimp, and the ever-present Mr. Sche who is often featured on Nasty Nardo's work. The song "Rollin" with Mr. Sche is bumping with hooks like:
"Do you want to Get Buck wit me, purple thangs and Hennesy, playboy I'm rollin, I'm rollin"
Another notable cut is track 16 entitled "trill" with the hook going a little something like this:
"I'm a pimp nigga trill nigga mathufuckin real nigga im the type of nigga to put a hole in you Hilfiger"
That particular cut is reminiscent to me of the late great Pimp C always talkin about puttin a hole in your Hilfiger. With guest appearances from Se7en Da Great, Tom Skeemask, Al Kapone, Mizz T, K-9, Chopper Girl, Krunk City, Don Vito, Jay-P, Pistol Pete, Mr. Sche, Kingpin Skinny Pimp, and Gangsta Boo-you can expect nothing short of greatness from the often imitated but never duplicated Nasty Nardo.

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