Friday, January 18, 2008

Eightball & MJG-Break Em Off Music Video

Peep this old school Ball & G. This shit is got to be one of the illest tracks on the classic album On Top of the World. We keep it space-age over here at pimpin pens.

"Concrete like the street under my feet
spittin space-age pimpin ova hype beats
white sheets an ink record what i think
chiefin hay gettin blazed till my eyes turn pink
uugh gangsta gangsta like cube an eazy e
this the wild west knicca strapped is the way 2 be
9 eleven ain quicka than my 4 nickel
wettin chests so u betta not 4get ur vests"

8ball is a top 5 emcee of all time easily!

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