Thursday, January 17, 2008

Lord Infamous: The Man, The Myth, The Legacy

When I heard that Lord Infamous was dropping a new solo in 2007 I was elated. There is only one other LP in history that could rival my anticipation for the Lord solo junt, and that LP was the Wu Tang Clan's double disc sophmore effort Wu Forever (a masterpiece). Lord Infamous is undoubtebly the hardest emcee in the rap game period. His flow is so sick and demented and at the same time extremely versatile. For instance in his earlier Lord of Terror and Mystic Style days he would spit the fast tounge-twisting devil shit. In the Teardaclupupthugz Crazynthelastdayz era he switched up to a more raspy, deep, and ghoulish voice to match his Keyzer Soze persona. Fast forward to 2007 like 13 years after he dropped his first solo offering Lord of Terror he comes as cold on the mic as he ever did, with his trademark lyrical flow onpoint as ever. It seems that during his brief hiatus from the rap game he was sharpening his lyrical swords while the rest of his former clique got too big for the bridges in Hollywood.
Back to the story at hand which is The Man, The Myth, The Legacy. Overall this is a solid piece of work, lyrically Lord is still a savage on the mic. He isn't quite as devilish and sinister in his style this time around, which is okay. Nobody can worship the devil forever, not even Lord(I don't think he ever really worshiped the devil anyway), but he is definately still hardbody. The only setback that this album suffers from is the production. That's not to say that there isn't some nicely crafted compositions, but for the most part this isn't a sonic landscape that I feel compliments Lord's rap style enough. However, this is still a dope album and you should go cop it on principal alone, it is after all Lord Infamous; the futuristic rowdy bounty hunter. It is also nice to hear my boy Pancho Villa who was the main character in the straight to video release Choices. Pancho come in on several different interludes. The album feautures T-Rock, II Tone, Big Stang, Santerria, La Chat, D-Dirt, Enigma on the production tip, Mac Montese, and Da Crime-Click.

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