Monday, January 14, 2008

Lil Boosie - Lil Boosieanna Mixtape Review

Boosie Bad Azz is back with some new shit, well at least a few tracks on the mixtape seem to sound like new joints. Released by the mixtape features 30 some odd tracks of Boosies tightest bangers and like 9 tracks I haven't heard before. "745" and "Southside superstar" are real hard as well as "models" and "post up" and "keep it gangster" with boosie's sick flow and vicious life-story lyrics. Block grinding, trap living, the dope game, hoes and g-shit as always come through as prominent themes in his music but by the sound of some of those new tracks looks like his new album is going to be a banger. A lot of his tracks were released prior to the BadAzz dropping, I think Asylum was supposed to release a double disc but the bootleggers apparently fucked things up so lets hope we get more tracks this time around. Peep the track listing and link to listen and download below.


Download Mixtape | Pimpin' Pens Exclusive

1. 745
2. Southside superstar
3. Hate me
4. My niggaz remix
5. Keep it gangsta
6. Models
7. Post up
8. Im dat dude
9. Gettin money
10. Thuggin like that
11. Gone jock
12. Independent
13. Fresh cut
14. Like a bird
15. Where dem dollars at pt.2
16. Keep it gutta remix
17. I want sex
18. Troubled man
19. Swerve on em
20. Swerve pt.2
21. Set it off
22. Smoking on purple
23. Going down where im from
24. Pussy ass nigga
25. My nigga then
26. Bout what you talkin bout
27. I had a dream
28. Through some thangs
29. No matter what they say
30. I smoke blunts
31. Zoom
32. Wipe me down
33. I know

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lil boosie go hard!! and webbie