Monday, January 21, 2008

Too Slept On: Rob Sonic's Sabotage Gigante

Rob Sonic is no new-comer to the indie scene, (I loathe using the word indie but blow me, I'm tired). His latest opus, Sabotage Gigante, is, I must say, a fantastic record and extremely slept on. This white boy definitively does not get the burn he deserves. With 12 futuristic Bronx boom bap bangers, Sonic's sophmore effort on the mighty Def Jux is worth adding to any dusty earmonger collection. Drug induced lyrics, up-tempo noisy beats, and an overall cold appearance, this northerner solidifies himself as a prominent emcee/producer monster in the "progressive", (I hate these terms), music world. Just peep the following simple studio and ill cut, Rob I got you yo.

1. Teeth Eat Her
2. Brand New Vandals
3. Mother Of All Bombs
4. The Over Under
5. Ready Aim Shoot
6. Rock The Convoy
7. Smoke If You Got’um (feat. Aesop Rock)
8. Dead As Disco
9. Fat Man and Little Boy
10. Spy Hunter (feat. Bus Driver)
11. A Cold Cold War
12. Space Goose

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