Friday, January 11, 2008

Mr. Sche and T-Rock "Vendetta" Trailor!

We've heard the big homie Sche and T-Rock collab in the past on tracks like "Niggavile" and "Let's do some dirt" on the Supastar CD but a whole album together? Shit, this thing came outta nowhere and looks like it's going to be one of the hardest albums ever! After his departure from the Hypnotized Camp T-Rock and many others have unfortunately fallen upon the same path where they just can't get any decent production after Paul and Juice. The New Prophet Posse was lacking as did most of the Lord Infamous solo project but thankfully some of these talented cats have crossed paths with Sche who always comes correct on a track producing some of the hardest, most buck elbow-throwing anthems to date. From what I can gather in the trailer the Album is a spin off of the 2005 Wachowski Brothers blockbuster "V for Vendetta" where the main character "V" begins an epic, terrorist-style assault on a corrupt, Totalitarian Government. I'm sure we can expect heavy sampling from the film with politcal overtones as well as allusions to greed, wealth, crime and life in the city. The Album is slated to drop sometime this month. Check back with us and Sche's page for more info and reviews when it drops.

Posted By Rico for Pimpin' Pens

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