Wednesday, August 6, 2008

South Park Mexican

I remember first being exposed to the trillness that is SPM or South Park Mexican. It was 2005 and I was at my boys house and he was playing some assorted Texas junts while we were puffing blunts in Tallahassee, FL home of the FSU seminoles, my Alma mater. Anyway after some standard token Texas funk from the likes of UGK had finished playing along comes a track I wasn't too familiar with. I asked homeboy who I was kicking it with, "who is this dude," to which he replied, "oh that's South Park Mexican, what you know about SPM." Turns out I didn't know shit and was disappointed in my naivete regarding the subject. I pride myself on being privy to all the musical happenings poppin off in the dirty south and I was fascinated with this South Park Mexican character. He represents Screwston, TX to the fullest, especially the eses (chicanos). Hailing from the same stomping grounds that spawned the early 90's horror-core gangsta rapper, Gangsta Nip, SPM has been putting in work for well over a decade to a dedicated following. The first SPM cut I heard was, "I Must Be High", off his 2001 LP Never Change. Recently I fell upon this jewel featuring fellow Texas boss hoggs, Trae and Z-Ro.

Check It!

Posted by Enzo "Turning fruits into vegetables"


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