Thursday, August 28, 2008

Do Dolphins have healing powers?
More like Bullshit!

Dolphins, cute, smiling aquatic sweethearts eager to help, heal, and communicate with humans? Hell the fuck na they're wild animals that when threatened will more than likely attack your ass! In the hilarious and amazing Showtime series "Penn and Teller Bullshit!: The duo call bullshit on a wide variety of topics such as: The War On Porn, New Age Medicine, NASA, insomnia and mattresses, Being Green, Sensitivity Training and that's just this season. Previous bullshit topics include: Obesity, Wal-Mart, Breast Hysteria, Detoxing, Exorcisms, Immigration, Handicap Parking, Nukes, Hybrids & Lesbians (lol) and Anger Management.

In this episode all the cultural mumbo jumbo regarding dolphins is exposed, including New Age-style beliefs about the animals' evolutionary superiority (straight up nonsense, say dolphin experts) and the bullshit about dolphin "energy" believed by many. You gotta see this shit, I mean yeah dolphins do seem friendly and intelligent but some of these people are out of their fucking minds! Here's a teaser of the asinine shit some people do in this world: a couple in Arizona have people pay up to $3,000 for some weekend sessions to get in touch with your "inner dolphin," I mean what the fuck? Hahaha. Just had to share this with you guys, too crazy to believe - take a look for yourself!

Penn and Teller Bullshit on Dolphins part 1
The Dr.s Trippy Videos about Taking LSD with the dolphins starts around the 8 min, mark - fucking nutty!

Penn and Teller Bullshit on Dolphins part 2

Penn and Teller Bullshit on Dolphins part 3

BONUS SERVING of Psychedelia:
CNN:Ingesting Magic Mushrooms has Long Lasting Positive Effects!

MORE BONUS MATERIAL: Joe Rogan Isolation Tank Story

The founder/creator of the isolation tank or sensory deprivation tank Dr. John C. Lilly, mentioned in the above Penn and Teller piece, confessed to taking acid over 100 times with the Dolphins as part of a Government funded study. Yeah, this dude is out there but peep his site - some crazy shit. Anyway, actor,comedian,stoner and mixed martial arts master Joe Rogan has one of these fucking things in his basement and he describes the psychedelic effects of floating in one of these chambers high as fuck, experiencing an array of jaw dropping nuttiness including the tendency for the isolation chamber to naturally foster the bodies production of DMT- a powerful hallucinogen and favorite of the pro-drug activist (Yeah buddy). Just when you thought you've seen it all gems like these emerge from the Pimpin Pens archives to enlighten, inspire or probably disturb the shit out of you. Nonetheless enjoy the show.... that's how we roll!

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"In the province of the mind, there are no limits."
Dr. John C. Lilly


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