Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lil Boosie is Trill

Word on the street says Lil Boosie got a new mixtape out hosted by DJ Rell aptly titled: Golden Child. All my real trill cohorts no what I'm talking about when I say Boosie Boo is the truth. He spits from the heart, and he doesn't fabricate any of his ghetto tales. His music is so dope because of all the struggles that he has endured and been able to poeticize on wax. To me he sons, owns, bodies, (whatever you want to call it) his contemporaries like Lil Wayne- who currently reign dominant in today's pop music climate. In 2006 Boosie dropped Bad Azz, a certified classic for all those who really know. Soon he will drop Bad Azz II, and I envision a slow but steady ascendance to the top of the rap heap when he does. I will no longer soliloquize and talk your heads off about my main man Boosie, instead I will let you cats judge for yourselves. Check out sum cuts from the Golden Child mixtape.

"When I was small I had heart always tried for it. I learned how to swim jumping off the diving board."

Enzo on the Post watch out for the oke doke