Monday, August 25, 2008

Bangerang Antics: Loading Fresh Clips for the Week

I must say, I will forever enjoy sports and entertainment, never distraught with hollow eyes fixated on that magical box and dusty ears calibrated towards any noise pouring out that same damn magical box. While politicians are accepting handjobs from Hollywood and reveling in their childish ploys (mainly, well, umm...all of them), I'm watching Cubans kick the fucking teeth out a lames mouth and gassed at some buck as white kids defying Newton's notions while uppercutting the grim reaper in the kidneys! No lie homie, I find this of more interest to me this day and age, and more relevant toward humanity's growth in general, than a bunch of lames on both sides of the aisle in D.C. making a mockery of what our rebellious libertarian forefathers had to dodge brits and buck indians for, egads for fuck sake. To be outright dead honest, the following clip illustrates to perfection my feeling towards the current state of the media, politics, and wall street:

Swedish dude in the white had some sweaty ass toes for a snack break in Beijing, lol! Bangerang indeed. Now, while I can't support my peeps the way I'd like to due to my free spirited hatred against the communist regime that is Cuba, something about the above clip generates a hidden pride for that elite island in the Caribbean where my bloodline comes from. Quick lil shout to Angel Matos for kicking dude in the mouthpiece while they chanted his country in the background during the 2008 Olympics, must be fulfilling.

This next clip had me bugged out. Kyle Loza and company bring some nasty air maneuvers to the X-Games. Enjoy...

Quick Tunage Bonus!

New T.I. feat Kanyeezy, Jiggaman, and Lil Weasel: "Swagger Like Us"
swagger like us - t.i. ft kanye west, jay-z & lil wayne

Shit if we played a Kanye beat using an MIA sample might as well play some MIA eh?
Paper Planes - M.I.A.
P-Express was definitely worth the watch, intermission blaze, and re-watch...out

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Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

MIA is str8 w me
kanye is a meglomanic lol

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