Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mid-Week Mania! Raekwon, Big Boi, USA Basketball, Kicks and More...

We here at Pimpin' Pens headquarters pride ourselves in delivering nothing less than ridiculously uncut bangers, trill perspectives, and pimp tight verbage. We got a few upcoming articles/pieces so explosive that the lames will be scrounging up chronic seeds and turkey sandwiches in their bunkers awaiting the second coming of Elvis and 2Pac, oh yea. In the meantime, peep some nice cuts and flix courtesy of the uno and only...

Big Boi feat Dre 3k and Ragu Rae: "Royal Flush"Royal Flush (ft. Raekwon & André 3000) - Big Boi
Sir Luscious Leftfoot is in the building!

Rae, Ghost, and Nas: "Verbal Intercourse"
Verbal Intercourse - Raekwon (feat. Ghostface Killah & Nas)

D-Wade Windmill Jammer

Miami monsterdons boy!

Nasty New P-Rod Junts

Click For More Paul Rodriguez SB Dunks

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