Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pimp Comedy:
Lavell Crawford - "Crack is Wack"

The Big mane, Mr. no-neck having, huge head with a little face mufuckah Lavell Crawford shines in this classic clip from Comicview or some shit. The piss-your-pants funny monologue describes his turbulent struggles and love/hate adventures delving in the atrocious and addictive hellspawn substance that is crack. Check out Pimp sweatin' out the all gold leather suit as he details all the reasons he hates crack ( in the third person of course ) mind you dudes eyes are bulging five inches out his face, but things get interesting when he starts to actually talk and have conversations with crack. Don't want to spoil it but crack eventually starts to talk like a Pimp, flippin' it on the fiend to get him to smoke. Kids, and everyone who values that precious nugget affixed to your fucking neck, don't try crack - you'll see why...It's a lot more evil and sinister than we all thought. Apparently stealing and robbing money for crack just doesn't cut it these days lol.

Lavell you killed it on this one homie.

Posted by Rico for Pimpin' Pens

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