Wednesday, June 11, 2008


In commemoration of Bobby Digital month here at Pimpin Pens' its time to lace you fools with some tru space age pimpin if I do say so myself. When it comes to futuristic rowdy bounty hunter style raps, nobody freaks it better than my main man Rza from the slums of Shaolin. He goes by many aliases'-Bobby Digital, Prince Rakeem, The Abbott, Bobby Steels, RulerZigZagZigallah, Rzarectah and maybe even more that I can't seem to recollect off the top of the dome at the moment. This dude is widely considered the single most influential producer in the rap game. I however, like to think of him as one of the most underrated emcees the rap game has bestowed upon us. In his early formative rap years his style was real in-your-face raspy and raw like Ol Dirty, as evinced in his verses from the early recordings of the Wu Tang satellite group, Gravediggaz-as well as the seminal magnum opus Enter The Wu 36 Chambers. However during the period of around 97-98 he started to slowly metamorphose into his spliff smoking, chickenhead groping, alter-ego Bobby Digital. Bobby Digital, as Rza explains it, is a self-proclaimed hethon and reveler in all things debauchery. In the never released (and widely discoursed by fans) film Bobby Digital he transforms into his menacing alter-ego through a botched experiment in his laboratory with a new synthetic blend of herbs to lace in his blunt, thereby undergoing the radical transfiguration from Rza to Bobby Digital. Perhaps my favorite album of all time is Rza's debut: Rza as Bobby Digital in Stereo, because of its capability to magically whisks me off into a whimsical world of blunts, sherm, bitches, superheros, Volkswagen Bugs, phaser beams, gamma rays, cyborgs, hard-to-spot microdots and all things bugged out. Some people might say that the Rza was set trippin (too crazy) on this release, and that he strayed too far from his Rzarectah roots. I applaud him for his balsy efforts and take my hat off and commend Rza for his grandiose vision of a world where analog cats fall by the wayside and only the tru digital shoguns persevere. Enjoy this musical medley of some of Rza's finest work, and witness the slow evolution of his style from Rza to Bobby Digi, as I chronologically ordered these videos to showcase the metamorphosis. If you don't feel this shit I don't want you loitering around here no more. Catch up with your kind-my team is a magazine of M-16's-remember that! "Try to use my name but that's fatal, try to claim my fame but thats fatal, bite through your jugular vein, thats fatal."

Fatal - The RZA

B.O.B.B.Y. - RZA

The Enzorectah is in your sector, protect your necks kniccas.

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